All Shall Be Well: Conversations with Women in the Academy and Beyond

Caroline Triscik: An Invitation to Listen and Remember

June 28, 2021

Listen in on our conversation with podcaster and counselor Caroline Triscik about her next step in her career, her time hosting this podcast, and the lessons she has gleaned along the way.

“We’re inextricably connected to one another, and if we are ignoring someone, then we’re ignoring ourselves as well.”​

Caroline Triscik

For the past three years, over the span of multiple academic years, liturgical seasons, and even a global pandemic, Caroline Triscik has shepherded the listeners of this podcast through dozens of conversations with women in academia and beyond. Even as she built a platform to give voice to the experiences of a diversity of women, Caroline was in the midst of her own academic journey. At this juncture, Caroline is following her own call to invest in bringing healing to others through her work as a clinical mental health counselor. As I step into her shoes as podcast host for this next season, we thought it was only fitting to share some of Caroline’s own unique story in this farewell episode. We’ll hear a bit about Caroline’s journey, her decision to pursue this fresh calling, and even an original poem by her — plus a Spotify playlist featuring some of her favorite musicians. Join us for this conversation as we bless Caroline in this next stage of life and celebrate all that she has offered us through these years as podcast host!​

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