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Christina Edmondson: Faithful Antiracism

May 16, 2022

"We're not going to be able to intellectualize our way out of the principality of racism." — Christina Edmondson

Join us for this conversation with author and educator Christina Edmondson as we discuss the work of fighting racism in academic contexts and the tools needed for this important task.

Let me invite you into a conversation with Christina Edmondson, educator and co-author of Faithful Antiracism: Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change. I loved this book and I think it is exactly the kind of handbook that is needed to help our world and the Church move forward in matters of race.  In our conversation, Christina and I explore the very practical ideas in Faithful Antiracism, and we look at the work of fighting racism through the lens of life in the academic and professional realms specifically. The book is full of concepts that are both very actionable and very profound, and Christina and her co-author Chad Brennon lead the readers by the hand through logical, data-based explanations and into a space that is safe for self-examination and honest reflection. In talking with Christina, I began to get a taste of the way her spiritual wisdom and maturity paved the way for her and Chad to write this very rich and powerful book. I think you’ll love reading it, and I think you’ll love this conversation, too. 

So have a listen! We're so glad you're here.

Ann Boyd

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