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Janice McWilliams: Restore My Soul

November 1, 2022

"The best place for anything in our inner world to be experienced is with Jesus." — Janice McWilliams

Janice McWilliams talks with us about sustainable self-care, cultivating restorative practices for our mental health, and looking to Jesus as an example of a life well-lived.

Let me invite you into a conversation with Janice McWilliams, therapist and author of Restore My Soul: Reimagining Self-Care for a Sustainable Life. Janice’s work as a therapist has given her a clear-eyed understanding of the ways personal and professional stresses can take a toll on human wellbeing and the way Jesus can serve as an example of balanced living. In her book, Janice describes the pitfalls we can stumble into around the areas of thoughts, emotions, and life rhythms, then sketches out sensible and actionable practices to counteract our struggles. This book, my friends, contains exactly the kind of mature spiritual wisdom I need as I head into Thanksgiving and Christmas and the end of the calendar year with all of the complicated family, work, and personal difficulties that show up for me. Janice and I cover a lot of practical tips in our conversation, and I think you’ll walk away from this with fresh ideas about how to stay grounded in stressful times.

So have a listen! We're so glad you're here.

— Ann Boyd

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