All Shall Be Well: Conversations with Women in the Academy and Beyond

Tish Harrison Warren: Prayer in the Night

January 18, 2021

"At the end of the day it’s just what our hearts are set on- is the love of God real? Is it enough to actually bear the weight of our souls?” -Tish Harrison Warren

Listen in as Women in the Academy and Professions associate Caroline Triscik interviews priest and author Tish Harrison Warren where they discuss human vulnerability, the nighttime prayer of Compline, and Tish’s upcoming book, Prayer in the Night: For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep. Framed by the themes found in the prayer of Compline from The Book of Common Prayer, Tish welcomes us into her own journey of learning to embrace our shared vulnerability, to offer permission to grieve even the small sufferings, and to fall into the depths of joy. She reminds us of God’s goodness and presence with us even when answers to the questions surrounding suffering cannot be found. In our conversation Tish invites us to consider how the triune God is with us in our suffering, vulnerability, and joy.

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