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Kaitlyn Schiess: The Liturgy of Politics

November 15, 2021

Join us for this conversation with writer Kaitlyn Schiess as we discuss her journeys around political thought, spiritual formation, and life as a graduate student in new place.

"How can I recognize the inherent goodness of contemplating God shaping me now?" — Kaitlyn Schiess

I’ve been a fan of Kaitlyn Schiess for a while now. Her book, The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor (IVP 2020), has some very helpful things to say about how and why God’s Spirit is at work in us and — surprise! — it isn’t primarily for our own benefit. I have appreciated Kaitlyn’s voice in the conversations at The Holy Post, a podcast she frequents as a commentator and, recently, as an interviewer. I am so encouraged to find a young sharp woman at the center of important conversations these days speaking candidly and thoughtfully about what it looks like to love God, his Word, and his world. And I look forward to the ways she will provide leadership in the Church and in our communities in the days ahead. May God increase her tribe! So, it was a treat for me to interview Kaitlyn and as others have said, I look forward to seeing where God will call her in the future.

— Karen Hice Guzmán

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