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In July at The Well, we had the opportunity to share excerpts from a book we enjoyed and learned from this year. We caught up with Phileena Heuertz, author of Mindful Silence: The Heart of Christian Contemplation, to chat about her journey from justice work to contemplation and the “mixed life” for this episode of the podcast. One of the reasons we were attracted to this book is the number of women we meet who have been formed in their relationships with Phileena and her work in the world and with prayer. We hope you learn from her invitation to contemplation as well.

To conclude our summer special at The Well, join us in listening in on our interview with contemplative activist Phileena Heuertz as she offers thoughts on the way she avoids burnout and finds Christ as the source of her strength through contemplative practices.

For show notes or more information please visit our article at The Well.

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